Sunday, August 28

Where It All Began...

So this story takes place all the way back in March 2006.  I never realized what a great thing it was to have 2 of your best friends dating until I met my husband.

It was spring break my freshman year and Adam's sophomore year at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!).  Of course I had my plan to go with my girls and he was with the boys.  One of my best friends was dating one of his best friends at the time and we just happened to be staying right down the road from each other in Destin, FL...a coincidence, I think not.

During the week we spent a lot of time together, but i could never figure out why he was avoiding me. (Later found out hubby was nervous and thought maybe I wasn't his type - the party girl type that is).  You see I had BLONDE hair that semester (never again!), and he was trying so hard to be "cool" around me. However, he found out that wasn't quite me, and I guess he liked what he saw.

Fast forward 2 months and we were inseparable!....and the rest is history.

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payne said...

Hmmm...who could you be talking about?! I'm so glad we took that trip and everything worked out the way it did! Love you guys!