Saturday, December 31

new year countdown

2012 is just hours away, and it's time once again for those beloved new year's resolutions.

I fall into the category of those who get excited about the "new year, new goals" mentality.  It's a chance to go over the past year and see what you did accomplish and what will be re-added to your list once again - (losing weight).  So I sat down the other day and thought of some challenging yet attainable goals:
  1. Exercise at LEAST 4 days a week- I've already had the talk with the hubby that it's going to be his job to hold me accountable if I slack off.
  2. Part 1 - Turn our bonus room in our new house into the most awesome craft room in the neighborhood!
  3. Part 2 - Use our new craft room to scrapbook and try thrifty DIY decorating and fashion projects (thanks to Pinterest).
  4. Read 8 books in the year.
  5. Cook for and with Adam as much as possible.
  6. Beat Angry Birds Seasons 2011.
  7. Plan a winter trip to the mountains.
  8. Keep an optimistic attitude during my everyday life!
I think that just about covers it!  Tomorrow marks the first day of the more accomplished me!

What are your plans for 2012?  Got any new or recycled resolutions?

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