Monday, December 3

All I Want For Christmas

Adam and I finally got our tree and all of our Christmas decorations put up in and outside the house.  That was a weekend long task in itself.  But how can you look at it as work when you love it as much as we do?  Now we can sit back and soak up every minute of this special holiday!

Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.  Around this time of year, people often feel the need to purchase a lot of gifts or stay up to date on the most recent phone, laptop or other electronics or else they won't be on the same level as everyone else.  So I wanted to take a moment at the very beginning of this holiday and remind everyone about the true meaning of Christmas.

Our Lord Jesus Christ.



Our Health.

These are the things that matter.  You can have all the money and material items in the world, but without these, you really have nothing.  Take time this Christmas and think about the wonderful things you have in life and let everything else fall by the waste side.  I look forward to doing many more Christmas themed posts so check back soon!


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