Sunday, December 9

Surfing Fever

Sunday is my blog catch-up day, and boy am I catching up!  There were all sorts of fun things posted this week!  Plus, these are just a few of the websites that I came across through my surfing that I would like to share with everyone.

 the nest::  This site is specifically designed for women who are new nesters and can find advice on hundreds of different topics from "Home Decor Suggestions" to "Date Night Ideas" to "Health Tips on Exercise and Nutrition."

*Also Check Out::
--> the knot:: The ultimate online wedding planning guide!  I used this throughout my engagement and it was a lifesaver!
--> the bump:: Everything you need to know when trying to get pregnant and during the 9 months while waiting for that beautiful baby to come!  Haven't gotten to this one just yet, but it's good knowledge for the future!
--> the blush:: The newest addition to this series of websites!  Today's Obsessions, Celebrity Looks and Video Tutorials, etc. can all be found here!

babble::  (c/o Nat The Fat Rat)  This is a site connected to Disney where you can find all kinds of useful information from "Smart Ways to Spend & Save" to "Beauty & Style Tips" to "A Complete 2012 Holiday Guide." 

Check out this article:  What YOU Should Be Buying at Forever 21 RIGHT NOW!  These are just a few pieces I love, but you can take a look to find many more options! 
I want to know, what are you dying to buy from this bunch?

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