Tuesday, October 11

The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch

My birthday is slowly approaching, and it was that time again to hit the road and visit The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton, AL.  My sister was unable to make it home this year, but my hubby and my wonderful parents came along, and we had such a blast!  I love that this pumpkin patch is so close to us and there is always so much to do there!

This year, we rode the tractor wagon out to the patch and spent about 30 minutes (less than the hour we spend last year) and picked out our perfect pumpkins to carve for our front porches!  There were hundreds!...but I think we found the best one out there (I give most of the credit to Adam).

We also got the chance to see a real Native American do some traditional dances for us.  Very cool!

 Happy October 11th!

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