Monday, October 10


Mom and I FINALLY got to go on our Vampire Diaries tour last Friday, and it was AWESOME!  For those of you who are fans of the show, I couldn't recommend anything more exciting than going on a personal tour of the filming locations throughout Covington, GA.

Jessica Lowery is the woman who took us around the town, and I consider her very qualified considering she was born and raised there.  She also goes to see filming anytime she gets a chance, and is one of the main volunteers with the ISFoundation (Ian Somerhalder Foundation).

Jessica, her husband Travis and her daughter Brannan are the original Vampire Stalkers.  They took us to the main square that serves as Mystic Falls, VA in the show.  This is one of the main locations for outdoor shooting in Covington.  Right across the street from the square is the location where they shoot exterior scenes of Mystic Grill (the popular eating spot for the characters on the show).  In real life, however, the Mystic Grill serves as an accountants' office!

We also got to see all of the characters houses except Damon and Stefan (because they don't shoot their exterior scenes in Covington.  A few other places we saw were the Mystic Falls graveyard, the gym where they hold all of the school dances, the rooftop where Damon and Stefan take Vicki in the first season and so many others!

Here are a few pics that we took while we were there!

Matt & Vicki Donovan's house

House of the dead witches (also the house from Gone with the Wind)

The Lockwood Mansion - beautiful!
Masquerade Ball Episode Prop

The Lockwood Mansion backyard (home to many scenes from Vampire Diaries)

The bench in the Lockwood's backyard where Elena and Stefan break up at the Masquerade Ball.
Caroline's House

Elena's House

 I really hope you enjoyed these pictures!  It was a blast taking them and being in Covington, GA to experience how and where this great show is filmed.  It's truly something any film and tv fan would love!

Have a good night everyone!

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