Thursday, September 29


I'm so glad that it's October!  It's my favorite month out of the whole year (December is a close second, though).  There are a number of reason why this is my favorite month (this year in particular):
1.  The weather finally cools off!  Starting on Saturday, we will have the first continuous period of cooler weather we have had so far this fall.  It's only going to be in the 70's, but down here in Alabama, that's cool for this time of year!

2.  I'm going on a tour of one of my favorite shows on tv right now...The Vampire Diaries!  Call me a wierdo all you want, but my mom and I are obsessed with that show, and it's something we've wanted to do for a while now - to actually go to where they film the show!  As you know, we live in Alabama, and the show is filmed in Covington, GA.  That is a small town just outside of Atlanta.  There is even a chance we might get to see the cast filming part of the show!  I can't wait to do an entry about that trip!  We leave next Thursday and the tour is on Friday!!!

3.  My birthday is this month!  And who doesn't love turning one year older?  I'm just kidding...I actually LOVE my birthday!  It may sound cheesy, but it gives me a reason to get my little sister home from college for a weekend and bring together the whole family to celebrate together!  I'll be turning 25 this year...whoo hoo!

4.  Because there are only so many weekends during football season that are away games or games just not worth attending, I have a limited time frame when I can ask my sister to come home and celebrate for my birthday.  This year she is coming home next weekend, which brings me to my next fun activity!  We're going to be going to the Alabama Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton, AL!  We have made it a tradition to go every year, and it's usually the weekend my sister comes home for my birthday.  It's such a fun place!

Our main goal is to find the perfect pumpkin to take home and carve to put outside the front door.  However, there are so many other activities to do there too:
  • Covered wagon hayride to the pumpkin patch
  • Learn a lot about Native American history
  • Shop for fall decorations and crafts
  • Petting Zoo
  • Play in the inflatable park
  • Helicopter rides
  • Take a tractor train ride
  • Hay pyramid
  • Hay maze
  • EATING- bbq, pies, roasted corn, funnel cakes, candied apples and more!
5.  Especially for this year...ME AND HUBBY ARE GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!

This is going to be one of the best trips I've taken to Disney World because it's the first time I've gotten to go with my hubby!  We both LOVE Disney: Micky, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, all the princesses, the rides, the atmosphere, and the feeling of being a little kid over and over again every time you go.  It really is a magical place.  I haven't been in 6 years, but Adam has me beat there - he hasn't gone since he was 10 - he's now 26!  I told him to prepare himself because a lot has changed since then! And the exciting part is that we are getting to go in October when they have all of their fall/Halloween stuff out!

There are decorations everywhere you turn (even some with secret Mickeys hidden inside)!  And of course there is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party that features Mickey's Boo To You Parade!  This will be both mine and Adam's first time to go to this so we are really looking forward to it!  We've heard it's AWESOME!!

6.  On top of all this, there's still Halloween coming!!!  See - the best month EVER right??  My aunt and uncle will be coming to Alabama from Texas to be with us for Halloween!  Since Adam and I are in our first house (surrounded by kids I might add), we are doing Halloween at our house this year!  We are so excited about giving out candy and seeing all the cute little kids dressed up in their costumes!  Even Adam is getting into the spirit and narrowing down his options.  He always wants to be the best dressed!

So I will definitely be keeping you all updated on this amazing month of fun, family and, of course, food!  


Kristal said...

I love October and fall in general! Great post! Happy October to you!
New follower.


Candace Stevenson said...

this is a great post andddd HAPPY EARY BIRTHDAY!! haha cute bloggy!

p.s. take me with you to Micky's halloween party. that sounds SO fun!

Lovely Little Rants

Kinsley said...

Thank you so much Candace! I look at it as my birthday month..not just the I will enjoy it!
I'll make sure to put up pictures of Disney when we get back!

Cheryl said...

I just love your blog! We are so excited to get to see you and Adam for Halloween, your new house, and right after you return from Disney World! You will LOVE it. Have fun in Georgia ... I know you will with your mom! I hope y'all get to see the show being filmed. She was glued to the TV screen at Disney while that show was on!!! Love ya!

Kinsley @ Encore et Encore said...

Thanks Aunt Cheryl! We are counting down the days to see y'all too! Have a great week! Love you :)