Tuesday, September 20

Welcome to the Kinsley Store!

Yes, I could open up a store in my own house with all of the clothes that I own!  The only thing is that I don't wear half of the things in my closet.  They've been collected over time since high school, (not ashamed to say b/c you all did it too) and I decided it's finally time to make a change.  At the beginning of the summer I went through all of that season's clothes and rid my closet of the unwanted or unworn items...I got rid of A LOT!  Now it's time for the fall/winter seasons and this one will be much harder to do.

I LOVE cold weather clothes!  Not for the reasons you would think though.  I would much much rather be cold than hot any day of the year, ergo my favorite clothing choices!  So when I get to pull out my chunky sweaters, jeans, turtle necks and boots, my day is complete!  This is what I brought down from the closet upstairs that contains all of the FUN clothes for the year!

And after all of...oh I'd say...15 minutes I was left with these items that I wanted to keep!

So yes I only ended parting with about 1 hoodie, 2 shirts and a skirt that should have permanently stayed in the 90's!
After that "long workout of sorting through clothes all afternoon," my talented husband and I made a delicious dinner!  I meant to take step by step pictures to show each of you how to make this dish, but don't worry...I will get better at that!  He made yummy pork chops on the grill and I made the side of broccoli and garlic with salt and pepper and olive oil baked till they turned slightly brown and juicy!  

You can check out the recipe here!  It's from a fantastic website I found online called SkinnyTasteGina Homolka is the creative and health conscious writer and developer of SkinnyTaste.  She's been featured many different magazines and websites b/c her stuff is so scrumptious!  If you aren't checking on what she's been cooking up at least every other day then I don't have to tell you what you are missing out on!

Y'all try to stay dry or warm or cool for some of you still if you're in the southern region like moi.  See ya!