Thursday, September 1

Then Came Marriage!

Our wedding was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  Not only for Adam and I but for our families as well.  We enjoyed planning it so much!  You see, Adam is very much into planning events and parties and decorating and clothes and all that jazz.  He is so talented and was such a big help to me in choosing different things here and there for the BIG DAY!  It was a great bonding experience and taught us that we really work well as a team (very important when you are getting married).  Ok, I have to remember that y'all are not my Aunt Cheryl and don't want to see 300 pictures from my wedding.  So here you go!

My mom Wren and I
From left to right:  My cousin Holly, Lauren, my sister Lauren, Candice, Kayla, Haley and Meredith

My sister Lauren and I

A special thanks to Rob Culpepper Photography for these beautiful pictures!

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