Sunday, September 11

Taken but Never Forgotten

9:59 est.  The exact moment when the South Tower fell.  This morning, as I sit watching the memorial on television in remembrance of those brave people who lost their lives on that cool September day, I am spurred to recall the many strains of emotion I felt as a scared young high school girl on September 11th, 2001.  So many people,  Mothers. Fathers. Sons and daughters. Friends and strangers.  All those who were forced to band together in desperation with one goal: to offer what help they could not knowing the dangers and perils that lay ahead, not knowing that perhaps their own fate was to be sealed in a tomb of collapsed concrete and steel.

10:28 est.  The North Tower falls.  The sadness I feel today, ten years later, for those who lost their lives and for those who are hurting today because of those they now have to be without, is so much more than I was able to feel as a confused teenager trying to make sense of such a horrific tragedy.  I also feel hatred towards those who brought this tragedy upon our country.  However, I know there are reasons larger than we can comprehend as to why this happened.  The Lord has a plan and a purpose, and will always be with us through tragedy and triumph.

The sadness and heartbreak that was felt for those that day and the days following seemed as though it would never end.   Today, as we as a nation bravely move forward into a future brighter and more secure, we pledge to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for those of us left here. Today, we mourn as a nation under God. Today, we celebrate our freedom.  Today those who left this earth in a shroud of uncertainty and impending peril offer a new message.  Today they offer hope. And to those people, this country is forever grateful.

So today I just want to encourage all of you to remember those that were lost, pray for the ones that remain behind without their loved ones, and ask God to bless the future of this beautiful country we call home.

God Bless America

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