Saturday, January 7

bye bye christmas

I know that it's way over due to take the Christmas stuff down, but what can I say...I love Christmas way too much to say goodbye that quickly we've been so busy since Christmas ended and just haven't had time.  At least our decorations are only still inside!  I'm proud to say we aren't as bad as the neighbors who still have up the wreaths, lights, and wicker reindeer!

Today was finally our farewell party for the Christmas decorations.  I helped collect all of the pieces that hubby overlooked while he boxed everything up (in tissue paper, alphabetically and then stacked by size). Such great teamwork!  And Adam has always had the most amazing packing skills!

And to top off the day we had the most amazing sunset!  I bet you would never guess that it was 66 degrees today by looking at these pictures (courtesy of our backyard)...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter weekend!

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