Tuesday, January 3

vince camuto

Thank goodness for loving and giving in-laws!  I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am to not only have married a wonderful man, but to also be blessed with a great second family.  My in-laws are by far 2 of the most Godly and respectable people I have ever met.  And their generosity really shows during times of gift giving.  This Christmas they gave me a pair of boots by Vince Camuto that I didn't even ask for.  They know me so well (with the help of my hubby), and I was so impressed and grateful to see what they gave me!

Now more good news!  My sister, Lauren, is in a competition to be the representative at Auburn University for the Vince Camuto brand!  She is majoring in fashion at Auburn, and I'm so impressed with her talent and her keen eye for fashion.  She can put together outfits that I would never think would work..whether it's 2 colors or 2 patterns or even 2 textures.  I'm always impressed when I see what she has come up with.  Lauren and I have very different yet very similar tastes in personal style.  I guess that's something that is relatively similar with most sisters.  I can't say that I have one specific style type.  I wear preppy one day, southern chic the next and something a little more funky the day after that.  Lauren has a much more eclectic style.  We buy so many of the same articles of clothing but pair them up completely different.  I'm glad we don't dress completely alike because it gives us a chance to bounce ideas off each other.

So Lauren has submitted a slideshow to Vince Camuto himself showing him her personal style and why she would be the best choice for marketing his brand at one of the most popular universities in the southeast and the "loveliest village on the plain!"  I'll make sure to keep you updated on any new information!

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