Monday, January 9

strike a pose

So yesterday was the first activity we had for Birmingham Fashion Week 2012!  The photo shoot and the runway preview show where the retail stores and designers picked which girls and guys they wanted to walk in their shows.  There are going to be a lot of designers showing their new pieces, but the headliner is Heidi Elnora (a local wedding dress designer).  She was on season 2 of Project Runway, and her dresses are sold all around the world!
So many of the girls just exploded on the runway.  They looked like they had been doing it for years already, and there were some girls as young as 14!  I know that I've got what it takes, but I also know there are things I've got to work on.  Now for me, I LOVED the photo shoot!  I have more practice in front of the camera than on the catwalk.  All I can do is wait now to see if I impressed the designers enough to walk in their shows in February!  I'm especially hoping for wedding dresses.  My body type and facial features sell that type of clothing the best (in my opinion).
 I got my hair done by a Paul Mitchell stylist and my makeup done by a M.A.C. cosmetics artist!  I felt like the real thing for a day!  The stylist decided to do a teased mohawk look on me.  So this is one frame from my shoot yesterday!

Very editorial and vogue, right?

I will be putting up more pictures from the event yesterday soon..don't forget to check them out!

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